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Fall 2015 Season

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HCDA Event Calendar

Goldens Saturday Night Luck of the Draw

2 Lucks Beginning Weekly at 5:30 PM

Sign-ups Begin at 5 pm.  Luck Starts at 5:30 pm

$7  Entry Fee, Bar Adding $50 for the 1st Luck and $100 for the 2nd

1st Luck format is 301/Burma Road/Cork Calls

2nd Luck format is 501/Cricket/Cork Calls

Both lucks are double elimination

Happy Hour Prices for Dart Shooters All Night


Captains: If you are looking for players or subs, A List of People Actively Looking to Sub or Join a Team Can Be Found HERE

For a complete list of past and present HCDA shooters, see the link below for Sub List Including

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Past & Present Members of HCDA


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